Sunday, August 29, 2010

day at mall

I was in my best sunday summer dress thigh highs 3" heels long blood wig full make up and clean shave over all. My wife took me to the mall in town shopping for new panties/bra set. She also had me try on some dress suits. After the mall we had our nails done my hands are done with a peral clear coat and my toes are red. It was a good day till we stop at a friends of her and she droped me off he could use me as his slut for a few hours. Ithe first thing he made me do was give him a bj and after that he had me take my dress off and clean his house in my heels panites and bra. Every time he did not like how I did something he spanked me 5 times and gave me 5 mins to fix it. After his house was done he had me on all fours and did me for over half an hour till I was will used and dripping his cream. He made me suck him clean took my panties and said He would give them to me next week. He than told me to go home I had two miles to walk with his cum dripping down my legs. Once home my wife made me strip my clothes off in the back yard and hose them and myself off before I could come in the house and start her dinner. its been a good day so far.

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  1. wow! sounds like it was fun for everyone!